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Picture of [Complete MS] Wonders of Malaysian Forest

[Complete MS] Wonders of Malaysian Forest

[Complete Miniature Sheet] Wonders of Malaysian Forest
RM 15.00
Picture of [Complete MS] WYSE 2014

[Complete MS] WYSE 2014

[Complete Miniature Sheet] WYSE 2014
RM 31.00
Picture of [Miniature Sheet] National Definitive Series – Iconic Marine Life

[Miniature Sheet] National Definitive Series – Iconic Marine Life

[Miniature Sheet] National Definitive Series – Iconic Marine Life Malaysia is a country with one of the largest continental shelves within the tropical world. The richness and biodiversity of our marine life make it an integral part of the ecological Coral Triangle, which is currently inhabited by more than 600 coral species and 1200 fish species. Our marine life is crucial in preserving an ever-growing ecosystem. The reefs and seagrass act as a habitat and shelter to the nearby wildlife, which feed on the wide range of natural food sources. We must ensure that Malaysia continues to maintain its rich and diverse wildlife in the face of uncontrolled human activities and global warming which continues to be a daily risk to our environment. Pos Malaysia proudly presents our National Definitive Series – Iconic Marine Life with the Hawksbill Turtle, the Small Giant Clam, the Dugong, the Indo-Pacific Humpback, and the Whale Shark.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] 175 Anniversary Penny Black

[MS] 175 Anniversary Penny Black

[Miniature Sheet] 175 Anniversary Penny Black
RM 3.00
Picture of [MS] Aromatic Plants

[MS] Aromatic Plants

[Miniature Sheet] Aromatic Plants
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Asean Post (National Costume)

[MS] Asean Post (National Costume)

[Miniature Sheet] Asean Post (National Costume) Pos Malaysia special edition stamps, namely ASEAN Post – National Costumes display visual ethnic costumes that are commonly worn by Malaysians who show their vibrant cultural heritage. The national costumes of Malaysia are of the clothes that often dressed in by the Malays in which it has been worn for a long time, these are baju Melayu for male and baju kurung for women.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Carving & Craft in Malaysia

[MS] Carving & Craft in Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Carving & Craft in Malaysia Centuries of cultural diversity, legacy and tradition have produced a strong arts and crafts culture in Malaysia with a wide range of influence. The painstaking skills are then passed down from generation to generation to recreate the same exquisite masterpieces.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Caves In Malaysia

[MS] Caves In Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Caves In Malaysia Malaysia is home to many unique natural wonders including caves.To many,caves are often associated with common pre-historic man's place of shelter.Caves are important in housing minerals,rare organisms and even ancient fossils or paintings.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Children’s Hobbies

[MS] Children’s Hobbies

[Miniature Sheet]Children’s Hobbies
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Electric Train Service (ETS)

[MS] Electric Train Service (ETS)

[Miniature Sheet] Electric Train Service (ETS)
RM 6.00
Picture of [MS] Endangered Marine Life

[MS] Endangered Marine Life

[Miniature Sheet] Endangered Marine Life
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Exotic Food

[MS] Exotic Food

[Miniature Sheet] Exotic Food
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian

[MS] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian

[Miniature Sheets] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian
RM 20.00
Picture of [MS] Festive Greeting

[MS] Festive Greeting

[Miniature Sheet] Festive Greeting
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Herons & Bitterns

[MS] Herons & Bitterns

[Miniature Sheet] Herons & Bitterns
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Historical Museums In Malaysia

[MS] Historical Museums In Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Historical Museums In Malaysia
RM 6.50
Picture of [MS] Honey Bees In Malaysia

[MS] Honey Bees In Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Honey Bees In Malaysia
RM 4.00
Picture of [MS] Installation of KDYMM Sultan Sallehuddin

[MS] Installation of KDYMM Sultan Sallehuddin

[Miniature Sheet] Installation of KDYMM Sultan Sallehuddin
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Jit Sin Centenary Anniversary

[MS] Jit Sin Centenary Anniversary

[Miniature Sheet] Jit Sin Centenary Anniversary
RM 8.00
Picture of [MS] KLIA 2


[Miniature Sheet] KLIA 2
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Living Corals

[MS] Living Corals

[Miniature Sheet] Living Corals
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Malacca 750 Years

[MS] Malacca 750 Years

[Miniature Sheet] Malacca 750 Years
RM 7.50
Picture of [MS] Malaysia Currency Series 2

[MS] Malaysia Currency Series 2

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysia Currency Series 2
RM 30.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysia Day 2015

[MS] Malaysia Day 2015

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysia Day 2015
RM 3.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysia Day 2019 (Makanan Kita)

[MS] Malaysia Day 2019 (Makanan Kita)

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysia Day 2019 (Makanan Kita) Food Unites Malaysians as one, and shows us how our cultures come together, joyfully and harmoniously, all over the country and in every nook and corner; be it on the sidewalks, the back lanes of shop houses or the night markets, where a mouth-watering array of street food adorns each stall.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysia Day Celebration 2018

[MS] Malaysia Day Celebration 2018

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysia Day Celebration 2018
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysian Batik

[MS] Malaysian Batik

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysian Batik
RM 6.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysian Calligraphy Stamp Series 2

[MS] Malaysian Calligraphy Stamp Series 2

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysian Calligraphy Stamp Series 2 Calligraphy is a visual art so ancient, its origins trace back to the very beginning of the written language itself. Multiracial Malaysia is blessed to enjoy calligraphy from different scriptures including Arabic, Jawi, Chinese and Tamil. Pos Malaysia is proud to issue the Malaysian Calligraphy Stamp Series 2. This amazing collector’s item features Jawi, Chinese And Tamil calligraphic arts designed around the theme of Aman, Makmur and Bahagia (Peace, Prosperity and Happiness).
RM 3.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysian Citrus

[MS] Malaysian Citrus

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysian Citrus
RM 6.00
Picture of [MS] Malaysian Festival Series 3

[MS] Malaysian Festival Series 3

[Miniature Sheet] Malaysian Festival Series 3
RM 5.00