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Picture of [Envelopes] World Post Day – Pos Silang Series 2

[Envelopes] World Post Day – Pos Silang Series 2

[Envelopes] World Post Day – Pos Silang Series 2 During the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo, October 9 was declared World Post Day to commemorate the formaton of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which took place in 1874. The second edition of Pos Silang which coincides with World Post Day 2019, Pos Malaysia features the two boxes that are placed in unique locations in Malaysia. The post boxes highlighted in this series are located at Gunung Kinabalu (Sabah) and Tanjung Piai (Johor).
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] 150 Years Straits Settlements Stamps

[MS] 150 Years Straits Settlements Stamps

[Miniature Sheet] 150 Years Straits Settlements Stamps
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] 175 Anniversary Penny Black

[MS] 175 Anniversary Penny Black

[Miniature Sheet] 175 Anniversary Penny Black
RM 3.00
Picture of [MS] Aromatic Plants

[MS] Aromatic Plants

[Miniature Sheet] Aromatic Plants
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Asean Post (National Costume)

[MS] Asean Post (National Costume)

[Miniature Sheet] Asean Post (National Costume) Pos Malaysia special edition stamps, namely ASEAN Post – National Costumes display visual ethnic costumes that are commonly worn by Malaysians who show their vibrant cultural heritage. The national costumes of Malaysia are of the clothes that often dressed in by the Malays in which it has been worn for a long time, these are baju Melayu for male and baju kurung for women.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Carving & Craft in Malaysia

[MS] Carving & Craft in Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Carving & Craft in Malaysia Centuries of cultural diversity, legacy and tradition have produced a strong arts and crafts culture in Malaysia with a wide range of influence. The painstaking skills are then passed down from generation to generation to recreate the same exquisite masterpieces.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Caves In Malaysia

[MS] Caves In Malaysia

[Miniature Sheet] Caves In Malaysia Malaysia is home to many unique natural wonders including caves.To many,caves are often associated with common pre-historic man's place of shelter.Caves are important in housing minerals,rare organisms and even ancient fossils or paintings.
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Children’s Hobbies

[MS] Children’s Hobbies

[Miniature Sheet]Children’s Hobbies
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Electric Train Service (ETS)

[MS] Electric Train Service (ETS)

[Miniature Sheet] Electric Train Service (ETS)
RM 6.00
Picture of [MS] Endangered Marine Life

[MS] Endangered Marine Life

[Miniature Sheet] Endangered Marine Life
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Exotic Food

[MS] Exotic Food

[Miniature Sheet] Exotic Food
RM 5.00
Picture of [MS] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian

[MS] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian

[Miniature Sheets] Festival Food Series – Chinese/Kadazan&Dayak/Malay/Indian
RM 20.00